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This site http://moms.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474978168553 is very interesting to read for parents who are considering the LOUSE BUSTER machine. Please scroll down to the comments section of this link. I would agree the most effective and efficient way to guarantee complete removal will be the comb out process, the experience and technique of that individual. There needs to be a follow up always to make sure all residual is gone. It adds more time and costs more money, still need to do the whole process of combing to give a guarantee. If a company tells you one treatment and eggs are cooked, they can't make that claim. The company itself states there needs to be a manual comb out. There seems to be a lot of counter indications as well and very expensive to both operator and client. OC Lice Removal can do this same process with manual combing in the same amount of time or less without the LOUSE BUSTER machine, in two treatments with a 100% guarantee and it’s cheaper.

What paren'ts should know before treating head lice infestation

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Although there are different policies or recommendations for treating your child for head lice infestations, parents should consider these factors.  If head lice are discovered on your child’s hair, how long has your child been infested?  Most of the time when eggs or nits are present your child has been infested for at least a couple of weeks.  If my child has had it for a couple of weeks, does that mean other family members can have it? Yes, other family members can have it and so can other people in your circle who may have been exposed.
Adult female head lice lay eggs in cycles, for the first 4 to 5 days while the louse is forming it has no respiratory system or nervous system; they can’t be killed by liquid treatments.  There is no way to distinguish between a viable egg and the nit (shell) of a hatched louse on the hair shaft, they look the same.  If there is an active infestation how would you know if you think the eggs are dead?  The glue that is used to cement the egg to the hair shaft coats the shell of the egg; it can’t be broken down by any solvent used to aid in the removal of head lice infestation.  Manual combing needs to be done to ensure no left over viable eggs hatch and re-infest.
Here are some common reasons why someone may see a reoccurrence of head lice. Maybe 100 percent of eggs were not removed or family members still have head lice. Maybe at the time you check it didn’t look like anyone else had it, but if you were just exposed in the beginning stage of the infestation, it can be very hard to see that one louse or evidence of eggs. By the time you realize you have it, head lice hatch and leave to re-infest again. Maybe people in your circle like friends or family may not know they have it, which can cause a re-infestation. Head lice treatment can be challenging for a parent.  What if you the parent are exposed to head lice? You can’t effectively treat yourself with the assurance of 100% complete removal of infestation. 
Bottom line, there is no way to ensure head lice are gone if you don’t know the infestation, laying cycles of eggs or how many people may actually have it. Experience with different stages of head lice infestations and combing technique are necessary. These things need to be considered to determine how many treatments and comb outs are necessary for each person involved.
There is more that goes into removal of head lice then pouring a liquid solution hoping it will kill everything.   Parent’s need to be trained on preventive measures and what to look for.  Head lice infestations can overwhelm families. One family’s treatment process may not work for another family.  All of these factors play a part to effectively remove head lice. OC Lice Removal is here to help our families through the complete head lice removal process.
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