OC Lice Removal, The best in Orange County, CA

"Your childs hair should not be their home"

OC Lice Removal, LLC mobile service in Orange County, CA

OC Lice Removal, LLC in Orange County, CA is a mobile head lice treatment service for children and their families. We only use all-natural, non-toxic products to treat your hair, along with good old fashioned nit picking. Also, we have professionals trained in our proprietary process, to completely eliminate head lice. Our treatment process is discreet and in the privacy of your home, which is an alternative to the hassles of going into a salon. We have children ourselves, and although it's nothing to be ashamed of, try telling that to a teenager. Call us today!

OC Lice Removal, LLC, A Company You Can Trust

You are guaranteed to receive professional help for head lice, and only the best customer service. As an LLC here in Orange County, we ensure that only the most competent professional nit pickers conduct our head lice removal process. Also, we take extreme care in treating your children’s hair and scalp.

Ways of Contracting Head Lice

Before we can address your situation, it is best to understand how you can contract head lice in the first place. The most common way is through direct hair to hair contact with someone whose hair is infested with head lice. Places where such contact can occur include homes, daycares, schools, sporting facilities, playgrounds, camps, carpool, and sleepovers among others.