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"Your childs hair should not be their home"

Service OC Lice Removal, LLC in Orange County CA

Turn to OC Lice Removal, LLC in Orange County, CA for a complete, comfortable, and affordable in-home mobile head lice treatment service. Easy to understand, straight forward pricing, competitive rates regardless of hair type and length or severity of infestation. We DO NOT charge per hour with add on increments, our fee's are flat rate regardless of how long it takes to finish our process.  Flexible spending accounts may be reimbursed.

Mobile Service

As a company that operates solely as a mobile treatment service, we go directly to where you live. There is absolutely no need for you to come to us. We personally treat your child's hair removing head lice along with nit picking in the privacy of your own residence. 

Fully Trained and Professional Personnel

Our professional head lice and nit pickers specialize in treating all stages of head lice infestations, from the newly infested to the most severe of cases. Here at OC Lice Removal, we will help your family throughout the whole process to ensure complete removal of head lice; along with cleaning and preventative advice.

100% Safe All Natural Non-Toxic Lice Removal Products

To remove head lice safely, we use an all-natural, non-toxic, professionally manufactured product along with our combing techniques. We do not mix our own product to treat your child's hair. We also recommend preventative products after the treatment process is completed. All-natural products for head lice and nits, Orange County, CA, Los Angeles County, CA, Riverside, CA, San Bernardino County, CA